Sunday, November 16, 2003

Drunk and Disorderly

No one does weekends like we do. After a long week of skipping classes and playing video games, we really have to cut loose. We've decided the best way to do so is through mind altering substances. I quit the gonja, so for us that means alcohol.

I should explain my thoughts on drugs here. I think pot should be legalized and taxed to hell so my regular taxes go down (whenever I get a job and have to pay them). But I have an even better reason for legalization. A college kid high on pot just wants to sit in the living room with his roommates and watch pink floyd videos. A college kid liqoured up wants to start some shit. Well, that's where our weekend began. It ended with at least one person over the toilet, a cop, and some beefy rugby girls (I'll let Wubbs explain the girls in his next update... he got to know them best).

So after judging a little debate Friday night I got home and wanted to start the mayhem immediately. Wubbs, Mike, one of our other roommates, along with Seth, a good buddy of mine, were happy to oblige and we started out as we always do, with the best card game ever invented, P&A. About four beers later and a whole lot of vodka later, the night was starting to become much more enjoyable for this kid. Seth stuck with the vodka, while Wubbs used the good ole gin and juice. Mike went straight to tequila, which I blame for how the night ended up. Damn you tequila!

After getting the flow going at the house, it was on to a party. We lost Seth on the way. To tell you the truth, I only remember snippets of what happened there. I remember some guy brought an acoustic/electric guitar and jammed out for a while, which was quite cool. He played a lot of Sublime and DMB, along with Phish, which is my sort of thing. I should have seen where the night was heading, though, when Mike decided he wanted to try out the guitar, picking it up and smashing strings in the most obnoxious way possible. The rest of the party consisted of drinking, talking to random people, and pissing on a tree.... oh, and some bitch broke one of my returnable bottles. Damn it all.

About two o'clock in the morning came and some girls wanted us to go to their house for some post partying. I don't know what happened to that idea, but it never happened, I think some other guy gave them all a ride home. No big loss in my mind, since all I wanted to do was go home and pass out. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case.

Instead, Mike ran into some guys that he knew from his frat. They were going to a frat party and wanted us to join them. After a brief stop at McDonalds for some McChicken sandwiches (best thing ever when drunk), we were on our way. As we walked, we memorized our frat names. I was Sam Larson. Apparently, being Shaun Blum is not cool enough to let me hang out with a bunch of people that pay for friends. Just kidding frat readers... haha, yeah right, we don't have any of those. We didn't get far though, before Mike and Wubbs met up with some football players on the street. Apparently, everyone decided they didn't like each other immediately, and arguments ensued. Wubbs told the guys that they were fourth string losers and they countered by asking Wubbs what he did for the school. All very mature, I"m sure. I had nothing to do with any of this, I was too messed up to even run my mouth. Instead I stood around until it looked like no punches were going to be thrown. Then I ran into a girl I knew who wanted me to go with her, so I left my joker roommates to cause their own trouble.

I walked this girl home and started my way back to the house, assuming I'd meet up with the roommates there. I got about halfway back when I saw Mike outside a frat, harrassing one of the bouncers. The only thing I remember was Mike asking for a police escort home. Smooth idea Mike. The guy saw me talk to Mike and asked me if I could get him out of there. I made a valiant effort, but in his drunken state of mind Mike wasn't going anywhere with me. The kid is a black belt, so I wasn't forcefully moving him. I figured he could take care of himself for a while, so I went to the house to get backup.

When I got back with Wubbs and Huck, it looked like Mike had gotten his wish. There he was, arguing with a cop, while the frat boys looked on at the scene. I walked up, trying to look as sober as I could, and asked the cop if I could take him home. The cop seemed more than happy to have Mike off his hands. Mike didn't want to go, but eventually somewhere in his fogged brain it clicked that he was arguing with a cop and decided to leave with us.

The rest of the night consisted of Mike's head over the toilet, Wubbs passing out, and me watching Alf episodes on my computer. Eventually we all passed out, piecing together what happened when we woke up. I'm still not sure if any of this is 100% correct, but I think it's pretty accurate. If not, who gives a shit, because we were hammered. And all of this is just Friday night, Wubbs will fill you in on Saturday and how he got on some rugby chicks, and eventually got us all booted from the party.

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