Sunday, November 09, 2003

Jail House Rocks... Or Not

So my cousin got into a little trouble about three months ago, won't mention what he got busted for. Anyway, this weekend I was back in good ole' South Dakota where he was, so I payed him a visit in the can.

Let me tell you, visiting someone in prison is an interesting experience. First of all, I was a little worried walking in, because I had this speeding ticket that I may or may not have been exceedingly late in paying. I knew that they do background checks, so when I went to check in I was worried that I'd be paying a visit to a little cell to call my own due to an outstanding warrant. Fortunately, they apparently only look at federal offenses, of which I am clear... so far :)

I was made even more nervous when I walked in and the cop immediately jumped up to greet me. Apparently, wearing hooded sweatshirts is not kosher when visiting a relative. I guess they thought I was sneaking in cocaine and pepto bismol or something. The cop decided taking the hoodie off was not enough, and proceeded to pat me down. I wanted to giggle and ask for the strip search, but I figured he may not see the humor in that. After violating me, it was finally time to see my cousin.

He was actually doing well, which was cool. We talked for an hour or so, then I began to look around at the other people there. It was quite a site. I've never been anywhere that had families playing cards together in the same room as a dude getting a handjob from his girlfriend. The amount of stuff happening all at one time was frightening. I must say, after seeing that, I doubt the strenght of our legal system even more than I ever did before.

Well, that's about all I had, wasn't as exciting of an update as I thought it would be. In other news, I watched Kickboxer part 26 the other night with Cody from Step by Step. Anyone else remember that show? It was awesome. Anyway, I didn't realize how much of a badass Cody was, in a Keanu Reeves "whoa" sort of way. Well, it made me laugh.

I guess that's all for this update. I'll post more after Wubb's witty responses to my rock solid update earlier. Come on Wubbs, what you got bitch?!?! Actually, I shouldn't provoke Josh, he subconciously hates me, he'll probably get drunk, remember this, and kick my ass. Ask him about it sometime, he loves to punch me in the face, or throw shit at me... I hate that kid.

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