Monday, November 24, 2003

The Ladies Love This Guy

I really have no idea where to start on what happened this weekend, but I will try and if you are a woman you may hate me after this but, I love you. Friday night started off just as Shaun stated before. We decided to see how many root beer barrel's we could do. I have no idea how many I did, but it was enough, not to mention in between each root beer barrels I was sipping on my gin and tonic. Lee and Marshall showed up as well as some ladies that Shaun knew. We chilled at our place drinking some more, Shaun and I do not remember much after people started showing up. After a while we chose to leave to a party, which Shaun could not attend. Once we got to the party I was feeling good... I think, this is where I do not remember much of the night. I do remember talking to my old roommate and others, then I decided to buy a cup which was a horrible idea since I already had enough to drink. Well, I found these two ladies dancing on this small table and I wanted to create a scene and see if I could dance with them but they would not let me join them. Apparently I found this to be uncool and I preceded to call them whores and threw my cup at one of them. That is when my boy Marshall decided to help me out the door and we left. Also on the walk home Lee slammed my head into a wall...OUCH! I have no idea how long we were at this party, but once again large amounts of alcohol made me act like a jackass and I would like to say sorry. The night ended with me passing out in my bed.

Well I woke up Saturday morning freezing my ass off, because I apparently opened my window the night before. I also woke up to find a nice pile of vomit and my t-shirt laying next to me in my bed. Better reason than any to clean my sheets. All day Saturday I felt like a big lump of shit I did not want to do anything, so I didn't. Well hockey time was approaching so I had a couple beers, nothing that would affect me at the game. At the game I was making the normal scene I do, yelling at everything and anyone who could here me. Goldy our lovely mascot came near are section and I yelled something about how I hate you Goldy and this cute little blonde chick and her friend two rows in front of us, who are both friends of hot hockey chick....lets take a moment to think of hot hockey chick..........alright I need a rag. Ok back to the story this blonde chick and her friend thought it was wrong of me to make fun of our mascot. I think I make fun of Goldy just to be different and see how people react and boy did they react. She kept giving me the evil look, but you really know that she was staring at the most beautiful thing ever, no not this guy, but Tim passed out next to me. He wasn't really passed out but he is a hot stud and was hammered at the game. Then I screamed something about how Goldy stole this kids hat and the kid was going to freeze to death and this lady directly in front of me told me to shut up and she hoped that I would get my ass kicked, which I think is going to happen sometime soon. What nerve this bitch had telling me to shut up, get the fuck out of the student section if you cannot handle my foul mouth or ability not to shut up. These two bitches left a sour taste in my mouth and I cannot wait for the next hockey game to yell more shit than I have ever before. FUCK YOU GOLDY AND YOUR MOM YOU RODENT. If you would have done the shocker maybe you would have gained some of my respect, but no. That's all I got hopefully in the next few weekends I can find a lady who doesn't want to ripped my sack off. Its snowing and turkey day is coming, I love it, and I am going to shove turkey down Shaun's face.


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