Sunday, November 23, 2003

Root Beer Barrells, Hockey, and Goldy oh my!

So my mother would be so proud of me. Friday, all I did was hang out with some friends at the house, play some video games, and went to bed at around 11. Hahahaha, it's true, all of that did happen, but not in so innocent of terms. Wubbs and I thought it would be a good idea to make some rootbeer barrells. If you don't know what those are, you are a huge loser and may never speak to me again. All right, so all they are is a shot of root beer schnapps dropped into a beer, which is chugged racing style.

Root beeer barrells are suprisingly potent, especially when downed at record speed. Before anyone got to the house, Wubbs and I were already in trouble. Me much moreso than Wubbs. Finally, Marshall, Lee, and possibly Tim stopped by to get the party started. This is where I start getting a little fuzzy.

Apparently Marshall was pouring himself a vodka mixer. After he poured in about four shots of vodka he turned away to grab something else. At the same time I was getting ready to pour a rootbeer barrell. I grabbed Marshall's seemingly empty cup and poured a beer in. Marshall saw this and told me that I stole his cup. Not really comprehending what this meant, I poured the beer and vodka into another cup, getting ready to race Wubbs. At this point I'm almost positive Marshall could have stopped me from what I was about to do, but I think he either thought I knew what I was doing, or was amused by my drunken retardedness. I'm going to have to go out on a limb and guess the latter.

So I did it. I drank a beer, four shots of vodka, and a shot of rootbeer schnapps in one swift drink. That's pretty much the last thing I remember from the night. The only other thing I recall is trying to get into a car and falling on my ass, and people telling me to go back inside. I didn't fight it much, I knew I was fucked. Oh well, at least I made for some good amusement for everyone around me.

What made it even worse for me, however, is that I had to be up at 8 in the a fucking m to judge a debate tournament. That was not the greatest feeling in the world. However, I got through it and made it home in time for the hockey game.

Hockey is awesome. We won, 3-0. I got to do the black hole chant. Goldy threw me a candy bar. We sat by people as loud as us. I snuck in a beer. I almost got Goldy to do the shocker, but he motioned that he'd probably get kicked out if he did. Good times were had by all... except by Wubbs who once again managed to piss off the opposite sex.

Finally we had Saturday night. I managed to convince my stomach to feel the flow, so long as I didn't get too annihilated. I was feeling okay, and we hung out at the house for most of the evening. Marshall made me a pretty sweet cd, thanks Marshall. We eventually went to a party Lee knew of, that consisted of about 500 people shoved into a house that should only hold like 20 at any given point. There were actually a few ladies for the guys, but that's not even fun if you're packed like a sardine. So we went to McDonalds and made fun of the fat security gaurd. Yes, we're easy to please.

All in all, not a horrible weekend. Not much to tell since apparently I don't remember half of it. Wubbs can tell all of you more, since he actually made it to the party Friday (though I hear he's the reason they had to leave, I'll let him tell you about that). And hey, freaking turkey day is coming up. I will not be eating any of that fine bird, I actually hate that shit. Corned beef and cabbage for this guy. Next time I talk to you guys will be on Yankton time.

Oh, and as a bit of an afterthought, I found out that there's for sure a way to add my MSN to the sidebar, like Wubbs has his AIM. A part of gorilla mask has the ability, so I know it's possible. I just don't know the html code. I've tried looking all over the net, but to no avail. If any of you are true webmasters, you'll come up with an answer for me :)


I wish I was at this game...

Someone buy this for me... so I can eat it

Playboy does the women of Wal-Mart (thanks Gorillamask)

Best mask for robbing a bank ever


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