Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Setting The Record Straight

Since I started this website, I decided that maybe I should do my part and let all you die hard readers, all 3 of you, know what is going on from my point of view and not Shaun's. First of all I did participate in conflict with some football players who thought they do more for the University of Minnesota than I do but how is that possible with this website I do more for the University than it knows what to do with. On Saturday after a few Premium Grain Belts I was ready to go out with Lee and Shaun. We ended up at the girls rugby team, and let me tell you I have a tendency to get a slight case of the beer goggles but no amount of beer could have driven me to attempt to as Shaun says "get on one." So instead of using my unbelievable ladies skills on girls who could eat me whole I decided to comment on how funny it would be to run through a foam wall, but that idea tanked when a guy called me borderline retarded.

How this website got its name!
To make all long story short I really do not like our mascot Goldy the Gopher and what is the greatest insult that you can give a person. Other than "Fuck You" I chose to make fun of their mom. So I choose to make fun of huge hairy old gopher (this is what I think what Goldy's mom would look like) not to mention she is also big and tender.

Here is a nice picture for you, Shaun's mom decided to stop by our house. The resemblance is striking!


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