Tuesday, November 18, 2003

The Strangest Conversation Ever... and some other shit

So since Wubbs is sleeping right now and won't let me violate him, you readers lose twice over. First, you don't get to hear stories of me violating Wubbs, and you also don't get another one of his stylish updates. Well, life goes on I suppose. Since I have no homework, and Wubbs still hasn't told you about Saturday, or why the site is called Goldy's Mom (get your ass in gear Wubbs!) I thought I'd post some random crap.

For instance, this is the conversation that I heard between Wubbs and some random girl walking by this weekend. Possibly the most surreal thing I had ever had the pleasure of watching. To set it up, we were at that rugby chick party, Wubbs was feeling the flow, and wearing a pimpin' Pittsburgh Penguins jersey. The girl in question was just walking by to get to the bathroom. It went a little something like this....

Girl: Hey, Pittsburgh

Wubbs: Pirates...

Girl: No, Penguins

Wubbs: Penguins fly, bitch (actually, I'm not sure he said bitch, but it makes the story more amusing)

Girl: Penguins! (grabs the penguin on the jersey) You have to support your team!

Wubbs: I don't fly, damn it!

And that was pretty much that. I don't think Wubbs was all that drunk, he just wanted to confuse the poor girl who was pretty hammed. All in all, it was an amusing experience.

On a totally unrelated note, a buddy of ours, Marshall, has been so kind to link our humble little website to his totally badass website. Wubbs has already linked to the Marshall Plan in his side links, but I thought since he was so kind to link to us, I'd put up a special link in a post. The guy is pretty funny, well worth reading a time or three. And just yesterday we found out we have a class together, which doesn't matter since neither of us go to it anyway. But I degress, the website is awesome, and sometimes he puts up pictures of Wubbs... drunk pictures.

That on the left is Marshall, in Miami Vice form on Halloween. On the right is Wubbs, dressed up as Cochese, from Beastie Boys fame. I was I could grow a porn 'stache like that. Luckily, I don't think there are any surviving pictures of me from Halloween. I dressed up as a lesbian... it was damn sexy, let me tell you.

Speaking of which, I guess I said long ago that I'd put up a picture of myself. While I have yet to find one that truly captures how damn sexy I am, I had this one from a week ago, so I suppose it will have to do.

That's long haired Shaun. Mike's cutting my hair for me one of these days, so I'll look drastically different. That's also me shaved, which is a rarity in and of itself. Maybe someday I'll put one up that's truer to my form. Not today though, as I'm soon off to buy a little game called Mario Kart Double Dash and play it for the next 14 hours straight. Oh well, on to...


This is my personal mantra (high speed internet needed, and not the least profane thing, it's Jack Black, so duh)

And I suppose this could be considered Group-X's response

I love to see Metallica fail... I bet it's all Napsters fault


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