Saturday, November 08, 2003

There's No Place Like Home

Well, this weekend Wubbs decided to cut some deer's head off and eat it, or some shit like that. I'm sure his next update will give you all the bloody details. Since this amazingly cool event apparently took place somewhere other than Minneapolis, he was gone for the weekend. I knew Tim would probably be gone as well, so I decided that with no hockey game over the weekend, it was probably a good time for me to bug out as well. After all, I'm just a pathetic loser without those two to party with.

Well, that decision was probably a mistake. I bought season tickets to the Gophers football games this year, for a couple of games. Michigan was a kick ass game that we managed to lose, along with Michigan State. The game that I was really looking forward to was the Wisconsin matchup, this past Saturday. The dumb ass pessimmist that I am, I decided that we would probably lose Bunyan's Axe yet again, so I figured going home at a time when I wouldn't miss a hockey game was more important. Damn, damn, damn. Not only do we win, but in thrilling fashion no less. I'm sure the beer is flowing and everyone is in high spirits, but here I am stuck in Yankton, South Dakota, or as I like to call it, Satan's Asshole (there's a Dane Cook reference for you all).

But I suppose it's not so bad. As much as I hate to admit it, I do start to miss my family after a while. It may be hard for you all to believe, but a macho stud like me is actually quite the mama's boy. After a couple of months apart from her, I start to weep in my sleep. OK, not quite that bad, but you get the idea. Plus, I found that all the girls here aren't as evil as initially thought, which has made for a nice start to a crazy long distance relationship. But that's all the information you readers will get about that for now.

Really, this town isn't all that bad. I think all through high school you are required to hate your home town, whether it's bad or not. Maybe that only applies to us small town folk. But I do have some good memories here. I must admit, the outdoor life here is absolutely amazing. I guess I have to remember that not every kid gets to spend every summer camping every weekend, boating the afternoons away on a ginormous lake (yeah, I made that word up, it's awesome), exploring islands in the middle of a river, and hiking up and down trails that display nature at its finest. And all of this is within fifteen minutes of my house.

Not only that, but growing up in a small town offered me opportunities that most people don't get. Since I don't suck horribly at writing, I managed to land a job at the age of fourteen as a sports writer for the local newspaper. I don't think every kid that age gets to travel around the state and write for a circulation of over 10,000. Search the 2000 stories for Shaun Blum, you can see some of my work. All right, now I'm just bragging.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't hate my home town after all, even though if you ever ask I'll probably deny it to the death. Maybe because it's late, but I'm feeling all Wizard of Ozish, with my ruby slippers, clicking those things together, shouting there's no place like home. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough.

In hindsight, I promise that this is the longest post that I'll ever make. Brevity never was my thing, but I'm sure no one wants to read through all this crap, except maybe my mom, and I'm not sure I want her to read a website where I'm sure I'll drop the f-bomb at least a thousand times.

Update on my picture status, I had one taken that shows my in a particularily sexy light, so I'll post that when I get back to school. My next post will also include my adventures in visiting my cousin in jail. Trust me, it was a good time. Until then faithful readers, I hate you all :)

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