Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Under Construction

Well kids, we're totally revamping here, changing for the better. We're working on getting a comment ability put in, as well as a new background and some other cool shit (like a counter, to see if anyone is even reading this). Unfortunately, by doing all this, the site may look like pure ass for a while. Bear with us, we'll get it down eventually. If we do something that you see and think looks totally horrible, let us know, we're definitely open to suggestion. Also, if you know of any cool html gear, drop us a line so we can improve further. That should do it for now, I'll put up a real update eventually when we get all this other crap done. I'll end on a famous Wubbs quote when a guy was staring at him, looking to kick his ass. "Yeah, keep fucking my mom!" Classic, Wubbs.


Well, that didn't take as long as I thought. About five hours after we started, we have a totally new webpage. I direct your attention to the puke green color, which is quite the change from the puke orange. I'd say it's headed in the right direction, though I don't like the green hyperlinks on top of the green background. I'll work on that.

We also have a new kickass comment system up. Feel free to try it out, so that we know we may actually have a few readers. Finally, we have a counter, which will be quite cool. It clicks over at every refresh, so it will bloat our numbers enormously, but hey, inflated numbers inflate my ego, which is always a good thing. We're also looking at putting up a little midi greeting sound when the page is opened. I don't know if that will be obnoxious or anything. It couldn't be with Wubbs and I whispering sweet low quality sound nothings into your ear every time you checked us out.

Well, that's about all. This site is pretty educational for me, really boosted my html knowledge. And it helps me avoid homework, which is the real goal of any true college student. Or maybe that's just me...


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