Monday, December 08, 2003

Guys Lock Your Girlfriends In The Closet Because The Goldys Mom Studs Are P.I.M.P's

To sum the weekend up I will say this: Guys keep your girlfriends away from the studs of this website because they might be leaving with one of us.

The weekend is explained by Shaun's latest post, but I have some things to say.

Shaun made pimping look easy on Friday. The ladies were throwing themselves at Shaun's sexy body from left and right. I never got to see any of the faces of these fine ladies so I can't burn Shaun on his beer goggles, but three ladies in one night is good no matter what.
Shaun does need some dancing lessons. Maybe if his skill were better girls wouldn't be telling him, "I have a boyfriend." Fuck boyfriend, Shaun Blum is mister right now, you drunk slut. Other than watchin Blum getting his groove on and inhaling a pizza nothing special happen on Friday for this guy.

Saturday was a complete blur for me, I blacked out for the whole night pretty much. If anyone reads this site and saw me on Saturday night leave a comment and tell me what I did. I did meet a lady who I guess turned out to be a roommate of Shaun's ex-girlfriend. I have no idea how I met her or what happened. She kept quizzing me on what her name was. Why is it that you have to quiz my drunk ass when I cannot even tell you what my own name was? I finally had her name burned into my brain and the party was getting late and they were kicking us out so I took her back home... well back to my place. No matter what Blum has written or what you think "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Trust me, it was getting somewhat groovy between us but she seemed hesitant. I had reason to believe she had a boyfriend and nothing more was going to happen, so I was like "fuck this" and I passed out. Don't worry I walked her home the next morning because I am a nice guy.

Here is a list of pick up lines that should be used at parties to attract the ladies.

1. I see you have braces, I have braces too, come to butthead.
2. What's up chicks?!
3. Don't listen to him hes got nothin. Baby! (editors note: ok, Shaun's note: This was said by Wubbs to me Sat. night. Apparently, Wubbs thought I was attempting the cock block.)
4. The keg is not the only thing that I will be tapping tonight.
5. Are your boobs real?
6. Did you used to work for UPS because I swear you were checking out my package?
7. Do you wanna fuck or do I have to put a pill in your drink?
8. Call a girl a whore or a slut.(They can't resist that.)
9. If you didn't want to be shocked you shouldn't have been born with a vagina and anus.(Newly added, thanks big shocker)

Hopefully this will help you with the ladies at the next party you attend.

This is about all that happened this weekend, and now it is the week before finals, which means I have to apply all my knowledge for my classes on 4 three hour tests. Should be fun.

Here are some links for you.
My friends created a website where they photoshop homosexual pictures of other friends. Its funny if you know the guys, but they are my friends so they get a link.

Right click and download this street fighter drama its funny shit.


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