Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Just Call Me Drudge


Well kids, sorry about the severe lack of posts this past week. Wubbs is now done with his finals I think, and is sleeping peacefully at 7 pm, since he pulled the good ole' fashioned all nighter. Myself, I am also just waking up, but because I have to do the all-nighter thing tonight, for two tests and a paper tomorrow. I hate my life.

Anyway, as I woke up an hour or so ago, a buddy of mine sent me a very interesting link that a friend of his wrote. They both claim to be legit, and I believe it since the friend of the friend does indeed speak Japanese, or whatever the hell language that website was written in. Anyway, the story is this, the Super Mario Bros. 3 video was a FAKE!!!!

Gasps from all around, I know. Actually, I have severe doubts that many of you know about the video, or give a flying rip even if you do. This post must be just for all of us losers that pay attention to that sort of thing. Regardless, this link is from a message board where the guy posts his translation of the website which is posted at the end of the amazing video. The website, in horribly translated Japanese, basically states that the player never intended anyone to believe it was a real play-thru and that he " am sorry very much so that the dream of the pure person who considered may be ruined. " Hahahaha!!!

But just thought I'd get this news out to you readers first, cuz I love my readers, and they have to be at the front of all news, even if it is lame like this. Damn it all, Fark put up the link as well, so I'm sure it will be slow for a while. I guess you can take my word for it.

In other news, everyone in the house is done with finals Thursday night, so we're going to have a little celebration. Anyone reading this from the U of M area that we know is welcome to call, so we can all get our party on to kill all those brain cells that we've been trying to work so hard all week.

Other than that, we're just damn boring here. We planned on some excitement, since Marshall was going to get us in the finals edition of our school newspaper, and he took some amazingly hilarious pictures, but it was all for naught since those bastards at the Daily didn't accept the story we had our pictures taken for. Oh well, life goes on.

Speaking of hilarious pictures, Laura, her roommate Tara, and I took some amazing ones at sex world last night. We rode the giant penis, put our mouths and asses near the giant penises, and more. Unfortunately, the pictures were on a disposable camera and it will take them a while to develop and get scanned in, but I promise that you will all get to see them... except maybe the ones with Tara, she seemed not too excited to have evidence of her trip on the giant penis.

Well, until break kids, I think I have to study like crazy, then drink like crazy. Catch you all on South Dakota time... which is the same as Minnesota time... damn.


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