Tuesday, December 02, 2003

What We Do at 5 AM

Due to an unhealthy addiction to a game called NCAA College Football 2004, and another addiction to a little game called Day of Defeat, both Tim and I have managed to screw up our sleep schedules royally. This means that we both sleep till three in the afternoon and stay awake till about five in the morning. So what do we do with these late hours? Why, harass poor innocent women on the internet of course.

Well, maybe not innocent women. There's a little site one of us found in our internet wanderings. It's called www.flirt4free.com. I encourage all of you to check it out. Type in a fake email address of course, and come up with an awesome screen name that would make your mother blush. It's kind of like going to a strip club without having to put your pants on... except it's a shitty strip club that doesn't show you anything until you pay $30 for a private showing. That fact doesn't hinder our fun though, we just enjoy ourselves in different ways.

For example, there's nothing quite as amusing as convincing online prostitutes to go put some socks on because you have a foot fetish and would be willing to pay for a private chat if they had some nice tight, white tube socks. Getting a girl to put on socks, and then telling her that her life is really sad because she did that is good quality fun. So is quoting the bible to guys who are begging a girl to show her tits. Be forewarned, however, that eventually they will boot you. The shemales are especially moderated, we lasted all of seven seconds in there. Time well spent, I would say.

On a totally different note, I have even more convincing evidence that the matrix is about to become real. Here's my theory, in case you missed it. Well, just yesterday I found out about this system our military is setting up. It's moving quicker than I ever thought, and our government is dumb enough to train them to fight. We're all screwed. Vote Shaun, President of Zion in 2010.

Anywho, not much else is going on in our crazy house. Huck's making a huge paper maiche airplane for a class, and if it's cool enough, we'll put pictures on here. I wish I was an art major and could do cool stuff like that. Huck's also going to make us a cool picture of Goldy's Mom on the website, so stay on the lookout for that. Otherwise, the only other cool thing we have is a cool picture of Wubbs features on The Marshall Plan. All right, I'm out like a witty metaphor for being out.

Links of the Day

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