Monday, December 08, 2003

Why We Are Pimps, And Kill Bill

Well kids, the weekend came and went, and neither Wubbs or I remember enough to really post everything about it. Yeah, we're cool like that. I suppose I can pass on the few hlarious bits that I do remember though.

Friday I spent most of the evening judging a debate tournament. That pretty much sucked, since I was supposed to be out at 6, yet I didn't manage to get home till 9:30. Wubbs gave me a look when I walked in the door that meant, you're late, time to get trashed in a hurry. Never one to dissapoint, I capped a couple of random shots, nailed some beer, and rocked some vodka and whiskey mixers. Then we went over to Wubb's buddie's house, who promptly took us out to a party he knew of.

The party started out rather dull, but it picked up quite quickly. We found ourselves some free cups, since we're cheap bastards and continued to kill brain cells at record pace. Wubbs' buddy is a total pimp and quite hilarious, which made us all loosen up even more. Some random girl grabbed me and started grinding me. Unfortunately I have no idea what she looked like since I was hammed and Wubbs told me I looked like a dumb ass dancing anyway. She grabbed my ass and then told me she had a boyfriend, which was one hell of a weird mix of signals. Figuring my beer goggles were on anyway, I decided it was best to leave the situation. It worked out all right, since I got my groove on with no less than two other girls, only one of which I can remember a name... or a face. Wubbs spent most of his time throwing suckers at people across the floor. Yes Wubbs, you are a party animal. It didn't matter though, since the only girl I ended up taking home was Wubbs' sexy ass anyway. All for the best, I figure, since I had to be up at 8 in the morning and was more interested in the Papa Johns pizza we ordered at 3 am than I was in any girl.

Saturday night came and Pat came over to play some in between for pre-partying. Wubbs and I had a couple of Little Penises (insert jokes here assholes) along with a shitload of jello shots. I also drank a bunch of beer and Wubbs pounded a forty way too quickly. Then we were off. Wubbs turned into the ladies man we all know he is by getting a little rambonxious with my ex-girlfriend's roommate. That was a little akward for this guy, so I ended my own night early. Not before I made a girl cry, however. Damn I'm cool. Some rather obese female was following one of our friends around so I decided to help him ditch her. As she weaved like a pro behind us to keep up, I ran into another guy I knew. I "whispered" to him that we were trying to lose this girl. Unfortunately, my whispering is apparently not as quiet as I would like to believe when I'm drunk, and she heard my comment. She screamed, "DO YOU THINK I'M DEAF?!?!" and ran away crying. Always the smooth one I countered, "What? I wasn't talking about you!" But I couldn't help laughing at the situation, which didn't help matters any. I decided it was best to take off.

I ended up running into some other people I knew on the way home, and they took me to another party, but at that point I was a little too cold and getting a little too sober to enjoy the scene any more. I took off from there to go home, make some nachos and watch my less than legal dvd of Kill Bill. Damn that movie just totally fucking rules. If any of you haven't seen it or want to see it in high quality again before the dvd comes out, drop me a message, I may be able to get that iso to you. On a related subject, if any of you are buying me Christmas presents, you should get me this. If you do, I'll have sex with you... male or female... I'm such a whore. But back to Saturday. Wubbs brought home my ex's roommate and it's my contention that they had crazy wild sex all night, but he begs to differ. I'll let him tell his version of the story, or edit this out if he didn't want everyone knowing he brought home a lady. I should probably ask about these things first... oh well.

Other than that, not much is going on. Well, damn I almost forgot. Marshall, from the awesome site Marshall Plan is a photographer for our school newspaper, and is going to get Wubbs' picture in our finals edition. Obviously he plans on wearing a shirt with our website's name plastered all over it. I figure that isn't as cool as a nude photo with our website tatooed on his ass or something, but Wubbs just isn't commited enough to the site for that. What an asshole. Anyway, Wubbs has some hilarious videos to put up in his next post, so ride his ass till he actually does it. Until then, all I have are...

The Links of the Day

If I can find these I'm getting everyone one for Christmas (Yeah, I mean the bobblehead Jesus... no, that's not sacreligious... I hope)

I'm Sure Highlander Will Get Blamed For This... That Show Ruled

This is such total Bullshit.. KazaaLIte is the only file sharing program I'll use... well, besides Bit Torrent.


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