Monday, December 01, 2003

Yes Mom, That is Morning Wood

So Thanksgiving has come and gone. I am certainly thankful for having a bunch of days off from school. Otherwise, yeah, that holiday is pretty pointless. I think we should just declare October 31 to January 2 as one giant damn holiday where I don't have to do shit... yeah, that would be great.

Of course I went back to good ole' South Dakota again for the holiday. Not much happened there, except I hung out with a bunch of people I haven't seen in a long time, played a bunch of ping pong, and ate some corned beef. Fuck you turkey. I also had to wake up way too damn early every morning because my mother thinks it's a crime to sleep past ten o'clock in the morning. I finally had to tell her I had morning wood to make her stop harrassing me while I was trying to sleep. I'm not sure if she was really repulsed by that or amused, but she let me sleep longer and that's all I cared about.

I also played a hell of a lot of pinochle. I don't know if any of you have ever played that game, but it fucking rules. There's nothing like trash-talking your grandmother over a card game. Maybe it was all the wine and egg nog with rum that I was drinking, but I got really competitive. Sorry about that grandma, probably shouldn't have thrown that forearm shiver.

Anywho, the last weeks of school here are going to suck pretty hardcore donkey balls. I may or may not make any posts for a while, since I should be studying. Actually, I'll probably post often to avoid homework, so keep checking back. And leave some damn comments, we're starting to think that nobody actually reads this site. Come on, anyone out there?!?!

Links of the Day

A game for all us religious folk... killing Satanic Zombies priest style

I wonder how this game is ever going to work, but I want to try it. A multiplayer online baseball game, email me or Wubbs if you want to get a team going. It's free for now.

I just find this sick, wrong, and hilarious. Careful, not safe for work, or your mother. And pop-ups when you close it.


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