Thursday, January 29, 2004

I'll Take Therapist for $300 Trebek

Apparently I do not post enough for you eager bastards. Well you know what? It's my fucking website so I am going to post when I want to... except for the fact that I am being forced into this one. I guess I have a rapist wit, and I need to write more, but I am not all about holding girls against their will for sex, unless of course I had four arms, which in turn means I have 4 hands. Imagine all the possibilities one could do with 4 arms, other than of course holding a girl against her will.

What I Would Look Like With 4 Arms

Other Possibilities

1. I could surf the internet for porn and masturbate all while playing some PS2.
2. I could grab a girl's boobies and both cheeks of the ass at the same time.
3. Literally give someone the 4 armed shiver.
4. Quadruple fist...........Leave it to the imagination.
5. Give on hell of a hand job........OH FUCK!! Why did I type that.

I am leaving it up to you die hard readers to come up with some more. My sick brain has run out of ideas. Hey Marsh, leave it to G's Mom to figure out who bizzynitch is. We used our two brains, and now my 4 arms can help beat the shit out of whoever it is. What a fuck face.


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