Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Just A Little Rambling

All right kids, sorry we haven't posted too much lately. Quite frankly, I'm just too damn boring in Yankton, South Dakota. I work, eat, hang out in the dungeon (AKA Ben's house), and sleep. Rinse and repeat my friends. I guess there has been a little excitement, but nothing I care to share with all you assholes... especially since I have found that there's a whole new reading pool. Yes Karen, I don't know how you and the K-Mart clan found this little website, but that's probably bad news all around. Don't let any of the managers know what I do on the weekends. You'll ruin any chance I have for a decent recommendation.

On a lighter note, searching on Google for Wubbs gives you this. That's right, we're number three. Wubbs, you fucking rule. How about I write Wubbs one more time to get us to number two.... Wubbs. Ok, that's good... WUBBS! Sadly, I found that I'm not even the Shaun Blum that ranks number one for "shaun blum." Fucking asshole from Peoria. I'm going to hunt him down and punch him in the face. Tim Sydejko and Josh Wubbena come up with jack shit. Hahahahahaha.

Let's see, what else? Well, cordial cherries fucking rule... as does egg nog. Shit, I'm going to be a huge fatass when I get back to Minneapolis. I also found some Premium Grain Belt in a can, and drank some on New Years. I had heard of Grain Belt in a can... but it was all lore to me until I actually saw it. I wanted to save the cans, but I pretty much passed out before I could really think about it.

Other than that, I'm boring as hell. I should be back in Minneapolis between the 8th and 12th, depending on some factors that happen here. I'm sure I'll have much more interesting things to write then. Or at least Wubbs and I will get naked, drunk, and do stupid shit. Ah yes, I know what you all actually read for.


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