Thursday, February 12, 2004

Bad Day

All right, so sometimes I let all my homework pile up, I forget to write to people I should, I realize I have like 900 other things to do, and a bunch of other shit happens to basically fuck up my day. I think it's going to be a bad one, but I never let that bring me down. Instead, I calmly sit at my computer, I open my pictures file, and find this...

Sort of brings me into perspective. Anyway, I'd write a real post, I have a few outlined already, but I'm actually having one of those days where I'm just too damn busy. You'll get more after the weekend, I'm sure.

Oh, but before I go, this is just damn hilarious. Barbie and Ken are getting a divorce. Probably because Barbie is a damn slut. Or she was whenever I had to play with her at my cousin's house who had no better toys.

Oh shit, I almost forgot. This is awesome! New, even better penguin game.


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