Monday, February 02, 2004

I Can't Think of Clever Titles...

Well, another weekend has come and gone, and a lot of crazy shit happened. To sum it up in short, I have a bruise the shape of Texas, I punched a kid in the face, my computer sucks ass, and the Gophers won. Oh, and super dodgeball on the NES rules. All right, that's all I got, next post will be longer.... well, maybe I'll explain a little more.

Friday night started out on the right foot, with a hardcore game of P&A. Wubbs and I picked up his friend Eric, and Eric's friend Amy. The two were apparently not frequent card players, since we had to explain the game to them, but they picked it up quickly. On a side note, Amy fucking rules at "fuck the dealer." She also helped me to cheat by looking at Eric's cards when he had the deck. And she always remembered where I left my hat, and my liqour. Damn it, Amy just ruled all around.

After we got good and tipped at the house, we made our way out to a real party, just a little ways away from our house. I didn't see Wubbs at the party at all, which is weird because we're usually causing trouble together. We both had different things going, I guess. The party was a good time, except at the point where I may or may not have been just slightly too intoxicated and fell down some of the stairs. It was a really weird experience, because it felt very slow-motion and everyone seemed to be watching me. The next morning I woke up and found that I had a bruise on my hip in the exact same damn shape as Texas. I swear, I could have pointed out to you South Padre Island, where I went on spring break frosh year.

Eric passed out that night, and he was the one that aroused me the next morning. No, not like that you pervs. He woke me up to tell me that I punched him in the face the night before. His face was swollen up on one side, and we had to ice him down. He wasn't mad, because he explained how it happened. It was about halfway through the party...

Eric: Hey Shaun, how are ya (light slap in my face)

Me: Not bad Eric (slightly harder slap in his face). How are you?

Eric: Good (Pretty hard slap). What you been up to over here?

Me: Not much (punch in the face).

Eric: Um, all right, see you later.

So apparently it was an instigated punch, somewhat, and I didn't mean to do it. I still feel like a royal asshole though. I'm still pretty sure that I didn't use a closed fist, just hit him with the butt of the slap, but it did the damage nonetheless. I drove him home and offered to let him jack me, but he wasn't up for it. Oh well.

On Saturday, Tom and Chris came from South Dakota to come visit me. Tom is my best friend from high school. Tom and I probably set a record for being in the Yankton Daily Record the most times, without our names ever being listed. Paintballed cars, that was us. Breaking into the baseball field, that was us too. We were trouble, but were good at it. My uncle was a cop, and Tom's dad was the guy that signed the police officer's paychecks. We were untouchable.

Anyway, we couldn't get tickets for them to go to the hockey game, so I didn't go either. Sounds like I missed out, because it was a hell of a game. And we swept Wisconnie. The Gophers are going for the trifecta of national championships. Go us. It was all right though, because we sat around the house and played a bunch of Super Dodgeball on the good ole' NES. That game just fucking rocks the casbah.

Anyway, after the game we sat around drinking for a while, with Lee, Tim, Marshall, and a bunch of others. Then we split up into three groups to go to three different parties. I think Tom, Chris, Marshall and I ended up at the best one, which was at Seth's house. Seth actually wasn't there, but about 200 of his closest friends were, which made for a good time. Marshall hit on a girl, and I made one leave by telling her dead baby jokes because she annoyed me. There were three kegs, which made for some good drinking, and the reason I can't remember any more details from the evening. We eventually made it to McDonalds, of course, after these assholes ate all the pizza I had waiting for me. Thanks boys.

Not much else happened over the weekend. We watched the Super Bowl here. I missed Janet's boob. It's all good though, because Vinatieri did it again. He's from a town about 15 minutes from Yankton. I interviewed him once, and he let me wear his Super Bowl ring. Those things are heavy as all fuck out. My hand would get tired if I wore it for a full day.

I also got a new graphics card, but it's a piece of shit that I have to return. Once I get one though, expect even fewer posts from me, because I'm addicted to a little game I'd like to call Warcraft 3. Oh, Wubbs and I may be getting piercings this weekend. He's doing his ears, I'm doing my eyebrow. Leave a comment if you think it's a horrible/excellent idea. That's all I got, Wubbs, will fill you in on what the hell he did all weekend.


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