Friday, February 20, 2004

Our Own Quiznos Coupons

So I'm sure by now you have all seen the new Quiznos commercials with the creepy rat things. Anyway, those singing balls of fur claim that any coupon works for $1 off a Quiznos sub. That got Wubbs and me to thinking, something we rarely do. Finally, Wubbs came up with the excellent idea of making our own Goldy's Mom coupons. With some mad Photoshopping skills I brought that idea to fruition, and I now present to you... the most disturbing coupons you will ever see.

We encourage all of you to print out any of these coupons and take them to Quiznos. Don't let them just stick the coupon in the tray like all the others... no, you must make them look at it first, make sure they know what coupon they are accepting.

We also encourage unique submissions for different coupons. Either send ideas or actual coupons to our email ( and if they are good enough, they may make the front page.

And this is all that you will hear out of me for a while. I'm going back to good ole' South Dakota for the weekend, to judge some debate and steal some food from my mother. Until I get back, peace out bitches!


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