Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Pictures of My Penis

Whoa, so those of you who are still reading, I applaud you. For those ladies still reading, ask me for my phone number later, you're obviously interested. Anyway, here is the first picture of my penis.

Well, that's a bad angle, it makes it look a little smaller than it really is. Okay, as some of you can guess, or already knew if you are a long time reader, I took a little trip to Sex World a while back. I went with Laura, one of the coolest girls ever, and her roommate Tara, also very cool. Laura and I are very close, as you can see...

And here's a picture of Tara, just so you all know she was getting in on the fun...

And this one is just hilarious....

Anyway, man, that store has everything. There was an eight foot inflatable penis boxing thing that I really wanted, but it was too much. It would have been awesome for parties. If someone ever buys one of those and brings it to a party I'm at, I'll buy them a cup... and a cup for the penis. And then I would marry them.

So with that, I think I've embarassed myself enough. Plus I just got my 3D card installed on my computer, so I have important stuff to do. Like right now, it is my intention to sit and play video games for the next 8 hours. First though...

Links of the Day

Jack Nicholson is my hero... Look at the quote about halfway down.

The irony here is insane... and it's just creepy.

And for all you hornballs all over the Janet stuff, GorillaMask is there... Watch out, he's paying for the bandwidth with popups.


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