Saturday, March 27, 2004

Dead Mexican Goat, Go Fuck Yourself, Prairie Fire, Blowjob...

Those, my friends, are just some of the high class drinks that were forced down my throat the other night, in celebration of the first taste of alcohol I've ever had, I swear. Yeah. I got 11 or 12 down in all, of some of the nastiest combinations of alcohol (and mustard, and tobasco, and creme...) that have ever been put together. A red headed slut did buy me a, well, "red headed slut" though. And I threw whipped cream all over, apparently. And I don't really remember the entire night. Did I vomit? Oh yes. Did I make it to the bathroom of Bobby Z's. Absolutely. Did I make it to the toilet? Well, most of the way. Bleah, a fitting end to a hell of a 21 run.

Unfortunately, no pictures were taken. Probably for the best, since I spent much of the evening after the bar rolling around on the floor of my house waiting to pass out. But it was a hell of a night and I want to thank everyone that was there and bought me drinks, even when it was apparent that I had too much.

Not much else is new here. Spring has arrived, and we've already done some grilling. Feel free to bring meat and charcoal over to our house at any point on the weekend, I have a feeling we'll always be willing to sit outside by the grill with you. Well, I don't know about these jackasses, but I will be. I love this weather.

I am listening to the Golden Gophers head to victory right now, against Notre Dame. I almost went to Notre Dame, so it's even sweeter for me to know I picked the right school as far as hockey is concerned. Which really, is all that matters. Anyway, I'll be at the bar tomorrow at noon watching us play, probably against UMD. You jackasses in the area better be there with me cheering the Gophers on.

Other than that, I've been on a huge Stanley Kubrick kick lately. Probably the best director ever. Read this article, it's great, and really makes me want his Napolean to be made, just so long as a no-talent fuck face director doesn't put his hands on it. And yes, I liked AI, even though Steven Spielberg definitely put too much of his feel into the movie.

Now I am off to cause a little trouble. It's a beautiful day, quit reading this shit and go outside! Well, right after you check out....

Links of the Day

Probably the most hilarious link I've posted in a long time. This guy makes fun of people cyber sexing. Fucking comedy gold.

This game will definitely suck up a little of your life. It's sort of like Marble Madness (an excellent game to play stoned, if you're into that). It definitely needs more levels though.

If I joined the military, I would be this guy. This guy does some hilarious stuff, and he works psy ops, which is just inherently cool.


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