Sunday, March 14, 2004

Gophers, Voids, and Ryan, oh my!

It's spring break motha fuckas! We here at the good ole' 608 got the week going in style. Mike is off in Cancun drinking margaritas and banging senoritas (OK, so maybe just his girlfriend he brought with him), Wubbs is at Lake Havasu (he called me to brag about how many boobs he saw within like the first 30 fucking seconds of being there), and me? Well, I showed my true fandom (and my extreme poverty) by staying at the good ole' U of M to cheer on our hockey team.

Not only did I cheer them on, I scored a fucking goal for them. That's right kids, I am the sixth man on the ice. How did I do so? Well, by doing what I do best of course... screaming at the goalie until he was so unnerved that anything would go by. It went something like this, all within 20 seconds:

Me: Hey Boron (SCSU goalie), don't forget, you still fucking suck!

Me: Your gonna choke Boron, they're all gonna laugh at you.

Me: He's nervous, put it in the net!!!!!

Troy Riddle: Hey thanks Shaun (puts it in to the empty net)


Honestly, if you're going to be a goalie, change your name from Boron, it makes it too damn easy. I skipped the obvious insults and went straight for the jugular... by calling him an atomic element. Nothing gets to a goalie like telling him that he has 37 electrons... yeah.

But the real treat of the hockey game, besides the 7-3 victory, was that Ryan Fucking Sydejko was there (curiuosly, Fucking is actually his real middle name, way to go Mama Syd). Ryan was our roommate last year and is now in law school in Oklahoma. Ryan and I spent most of our time together last year drinking and playing Golden Tee, and occasionally watching Cops. Class wasn't really an issue for us so much. Ryan was the first person to get me ballsy enough to order a drink at a bar under the age of 21. From there it was a glorious year of getting just tanked at Bobby Z's on a regular basis. In memorium, we played a little GT2k5 at Robert Zimmerman's and drank a little before the game.

On Friday night Charles, a hometown friend, came up to visit. Seth brought him over to my house and we all went out and saw Touching the Void. At first I was disappointed since it sounded like a porn and it wasn't, but I got over it when I found out how bad ass it was. It's a movie about two mountain climbers that climb a face of a mountain that's never been done before (it's a true story). And they have problems. I won't ruin the movie for ya, but the one climber, "Joe" can officially be called all that is man. Liz Bender and I came to the consensus that we'd both have sex with him, he was so studly.

That's all I have for today, hopefully sometime this week I'll do something crazy and spring breakish to write about. But before I forget...

O.A.R. is going to be playing in Winona on April 30. Tickets are 20 bucks (but Amy's going to score me some $15 ones, right? I'll bring you donuts...). Anyway, I love OAR and demand a road trip to see them play. If anyone is interested, we can take my car. This is the concert I'm going to that month instead of Ben Folds, since I have a test right around the concert. Sorry Chris, no drunken Sioux Falls hijinks in my near future. But yeah, drop me a message and let me know if you are interested in the concert. Or if anyone wants to go to Ben Folds in Sioux Falls 4/21, leave a message too, I'm sure Chris would love to sell more tickets.


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