Monday, March 01, 2004

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

"My girl, my girl, tell me, where did you sleep last night?" You wanna know where I slept this weekend? Fucking nowhere, that's where I slept. Apparently, I felt that sleep was optional both Friday and Saturday night, and chose to option my ass right out of it. Let me tell you, not the best of ideas kids, so this post will explain what happened so you don't make the same decision.

So Friday morning Seth and I were driving to Brookings at like seven in the morning. We decided the best option for making sure we woke up in time was to stay up all night Thursday night. Eh, not so bad, I've certainly pulled the all nighters often enough before.

Well, that made for an interesting time judging debate on Friday. I actually fell asleep during a couple of speeches, which I'm sure was sort of frustrating for the kids who honestly believed I was supposed to pay attention. Fuck that, I'm just there for the money. Anyway, Friday night finally came and I went to my hotel, thoroughly exhausted.

That's when I remembered that I was having a friend come up to my room that I haven't seen in a long time. She showed up at about one and we proceeded to watch random ass shows (including some very educational late night HBO) and basically just shoot the shit. That was all good and fine, till I realized that 7 am was being shown on the clock, and I had to be at a debate tournament once again in another hour. That's when the hallucinations started....

Apparently it's a known fact that going for too long without sleep will cause hallucinations. I did not know this, but now believe that lack of sleep is the best drug ever. The combination of lagging vision like alcohol gives and the "whoa" factor like weed gives is absolutely fucking insane. Not to mention the visions of stuff that aren't there, like really weak shrooms. All in all, kind of cool, but probably not the best feeling to have while you are supposed to be making decisions critical to the success of a high school debater.

So after that mess, I got to drive, yes, drive, to the house we were staying at Saturday night. Very cool guys we were crashing with, friends from the Yankton scene. They were throwing a small social gathering, so I was required to stay up even later and socialize, though I was out on my feet. I did watch a kid get high for the first time, which was hilarious, and there are videos that I hope to acquire soon. Finally, I got to go to bed, and layed there for over an hour because my body forgot how to shut down. Bummer. Anyway, the message of this pointless and drawn out post is this...

Anyway, this was kind of a lame post considering we haven't updated in so long. Sorry, we'll try to keep more on top of it. On a completely different note, Wubbs is ditching me for Spring Break, which is OK since I won't be 21 until a week after (damn it all!) and I don't want to interfere with their bar fun. But if anyone reading this has spring break plans, or wants to make some, that don't involve a lot of $$$, let me know, I'm all about it.


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