Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Just A Quick Post To Prove We Haven't Forgotten Goldy's Mom

Well, I wish I had time to update more, but this will have to do for now. I have acquired myself a new job, which means I have to wake up at six a fucking m every weekday morning. The only times I've seen 6 AM in the last year have been when I was still awake for it and not quite ready to pass out. However, total lack of cash is going to have to adjust my schedule, and I'll probably be better off for it. Or I'll sleep in for work over and over till they fire my ass. Either way, it'll be good times.

Hmm, other than that, Easter was a blast and a half. I woke up Friday morning with a hangover to end all hangovers, so I knew the weekend could only get better from there, and it most certainly did. I won't get into details but it certainly involved at least a dozen deviled eggs, reshingling a house, Cruel Intentions, and one very cool girl. That's it, story's over. Ha!

To end this, I better know that all of you are watching the Wolves game Thursday, and then into the playoffs. We're one game away from a number one seed, and our best chance in like eight years to get out of the first damn round of the playoffs. Prediction? We're going all the way, obviously. This state needs at least one championship team and the Gophers fucked that up for hockey, so I can only assume the Wolves will get it done.

For a little inspiration I will allow you guys to download this powerful video. Er, never mind, had to adjust this post, couldn't fit the video on my webspace, just get it from the author. I can't claim ownership of it, this guy made it, along with a lot of other cool flash vis.. I looked all over for an email address for permission, but found none, so I'll assume he won't mind me hosting it. If he does, well, I apologize and he should drop a line to tell me to take it down. But our website is tiny so I assume he'll never know anyway. Regardless, you can't watch that and not be excited about the playoffs, I know I'm pumped.

No Links of the Day today, since I haven't been near a computer much this weekend. Instead, I'll just give this one, which is the most fucked up thing I've read in a while. Cheerio kids... wow, I wish I was British and could make that sound cool.


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