Tuesday, April 27, 2004

A Little Bit of Randomness

So I've had a bunch of decent ideas for posts lately, but none seem good enough for full length discussions, so I'll just toss a bunch in here instead. Please follow along...

LOL 1'M 4 F4G

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I've decided that I hate any internet speak. Anyone who says "lol," "rofl," "wtf," or the ever dreaded "rotflmao" needs a punch square to their testicles. It wouldn't even be that bad in moderation, but I've been getting these messages randomly, "r u there? lol, u r gone... o well, l8r." Seeing that on my screen when I come back from a good masturbation session makes me want to rip out the eyeballs of every puppy within a ten mile radius of me. I don't know why it makes me want to do that, but it does. So, to save the puppies, please don't ever do that to me. Oh, but brb is ok. Colon, end parenthesis.

My Roommate is a Talented Man... And Sexy

Well, Mike was hard at work a while back doing a presentation for one of his graphic design classes. Not only is Mike the sexiest and most bad ass of the roommates, he's also fucking great at what he does, including flash animations. Therefore, you should all download this version of Tenacious D's tribute video. He did all the animation, drawing, and other bitchwork, and it looks fucking fantastic. Right click and save target as to not destroy his bandwidth please.

T-Wolves Better Win, or I Will Cry

So I should be studying all night for a psych test tonight, and going to bed early so I can make it to work at seven A.M. Will I be doing that? Fuck no! Instead, I will be at the bar, cheering on the Wolves to victory. This dismal loss is the only game I haven't watched, and frankly, I blame myself for it. Had I been at the bar watching, things would have obviously been different. The sad part is that I partially believe that. I'm a superstitious bastard.

I Say Revolution, and You Say Ah

Finally, since all you bastards gave absolutely no response when I asked if you wanted to go, Danny Noble and myself will be attending the best concert ever without you fuckers. OAR, Friday night, beers will be drank, plants will be smoked, and music will blast. It's going to be fan-fucking-tastic, and the only one of you assholes who gets anything out of it is Megan when I call her during Crazy Game of Poker so she can hear it. The rest of you just missed out.

All right, that's all I can think of for now. We've been horrible about updating, unfortunately, but we'll pick up on that, I swear. Now, get outside, it's beautiful out there, quit reading this fucking webpage!


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