Monday, May 24, 2004

Movies Not To Watch At 3 AM

So I didn't get much sleep last night. It wasn't because I wasn't tired, it was because of the movie that I decided to fall asleep to. If you don't know that about me, I almost always go to sleep with a movie playing. Some people listen to music, but I can't, I pay too much attention to the lyrics. Nope, a decent movie that I've seen about 20 times is the way to go, because I can zone it out. Last night, however, I chose the wrong movie. I chose...

Now, I don't know how many of you have seen this classic movie, but if you haven't you definitely should. And pi, also made by the same guy, both kick major ass. However, they are not happy fun bedtime movies. They keep you awake. They give you nightmares of your arm rotting off and your girlfriend getting raped for smack by some huge dude. All in all, not a lovely experience for restful slumber.

I should have watched the Boondock Saints, the movie Wubbs bought yesterday. There's another excellent flick that you must all see. The best scene comes when the homosexual cop, played by Willem Defoe, calls his lover a faggot for trying to cuddle after sex. That's just quality entertainment right there.

All right, so this whole post was probably one big excuse to pimp some of my favorite movies of the moment. Fuck you, I don't care, watch them or I'll kick your ass. And while you're at it, watch these for good measure. Trainspotting. Reservoir Dogs. Four Rooms. All right, that's all for now. Watch them all and you could possibly be as cool as me. Ha, well, not quite, not even close, but definitely cooler than you are now. That's a good start. On a side note, do you think it's a sin if I'm downloading the DVD of the Passion of Christ? Please tell me, these are things I need to know.

Links of the Day

Just one. Someone buy me this fucking guitar!!! I'd probably have to love you forever if you did. You know you want me to love you forever...


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