Saturday, May 01, 2004

My Night With OAR

It doesn't get too much better than this

Well kids, I went to my first concert in a little over a year, and I must say, I remember why I loved going to them so much. OAR definitely knew how to put on a show, and I was not disappointed with a second of the time I was there. I was worried, since a buddy of mine told me they sucked live, but I think he was just in the wrong mood for it, or didn't know the songs, or they just weren't into it that night, all of which make a huge difference, I'm sure.

The evening started pretty horribly, with us heading out at a brisk pace... right into the fucking middle of rush hour. That delayed us enough to put us about 45 minutes behind schedule. Well, that and stopping on some random road to wiss into the trees. I'm not going to say that was the most legal drive I've ever been on, in fact, I'm going to have to say at least seven arrestable offenses were taking place at any point along the road. Yeah, we fucking rule.

But getting there was totally worth it. We got to hear Black Rock. We got to hear Night Shift. And of course, we got to hear Crazy Game of Poker, which they jammed on for about 15 minutes and made me splooge right in my pants at least 47 times. Their saxaphonist is hands down the best I've ever seen, even better than that dude who plays for DMB. And I got to listen to all of that music while watching a decent light show, made even more decent by my state of mind at the time. But that's not even the best news, at least not for you guys. They also did a brand new song that they had never played live, or on a cd. And of course, I managed to get my hands on an mp3 from the concert last night, so download and enjoy (right click, save target as, please). It's a decent song, I was impressed, more impressed with the music than the lyrics, but I guess OAR is known for working on the lyrics for a long ass time, so I don't expect this to be the final variation. Special thanks to OAR Fans for being so fucking awesome and getting this stuff out to the masses so quickly.

And now it is my intention to sit down and do homework for the next eight hours. Well, that's the plan anyway, I'm sure I'll just take a nap, but I bet I'll dream of homework. Fucking homework...


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