Saturday, May 08, 2004

A Rare Serious Note

I received some pretty horrible news today. A kid I knew from high school debate died today. Alcohol was involved, which becomes kind of an eye opener.

I know we talk a lot on this website about the crazy stuff we do, and a lot of that craziness involves us drinking mass quantities of alcohol. I guess now that I think about it now, we should have put up a sort of qualifying statement about this long ago, but it holds even truer now. Please be safe people, when you drink, and be responsible.

The saddest part about this death was he was not stupid. He did not get behind the wheel of a vehicle. He did not do something crazy like jump off a building. He didn't do anything that the rest of us don't often do when we are drunk. He simply fell down some stairs. Something as simple as that, and one of the brightest, funnest, most enjoyable people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting was taken from this world, far too young. He had a bright future ahead of him, and he will be sorely missed.

So, the weekend is still not over, and I'm sure many of you will continue to party tonight. Just keep things like this in the back of your mind, because they happen far too often. Take care of each other, be careful with the alcohol and other drugs, and be smart and safe. I don't want to lose any of our faithful readers to something so senseless. By all means have fun, you know that we will continue to, but do it with a little common sense. And say a prayer for my man, he deserves it.

All right, on that cheery note, I bid you all adieu. It's time to study for my one real final. I'll make a new post tomorrow, and it will be funny and happy again, so just deal with this one for now, sorry. We have to be serious once in a while I suppose.


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