Monday, November 29, 2004

Did You Know Funkytown Is Minneapolis?

Yep, it's true, I in fact live in Funkytown. Which is kind of disappointing. I mean, I always had this dream of Funkytown as this unbelievably super cool place. Now that I know I live there, I think it's been a little overrated. I mean, I like Minneapolis and all, but I wouldn't go so far as to give it a badass name as Funkytown. Sigh, another dream lost.
On that strange note, I guess I should talk about Thanksgiving. Um, it was fun. I ate turkey. I got drunk in Yankton, which is much cheaper than in Minneapolis. I managed to not piss off my mother until the fourth day I was back, a new record. I watched people celebrate "Danksgiving 2k4," and it was hilarious. I made like $200 in poker, then lost a lot of it back. All around, good times.
Since Christmas is coming up, I think our house will be putting together a wishlist for the next post. I'm sure it will consist mostly of hot naked chicks we want to sleep with, and porn of all varities, but there may actually be some good ideas on there for some of you. I sure hope my mom is reading this... or something.
Well, mostly I wrote this for the Links, because I got some bad ass one's mixed in here. So here you all go...

Links of the Day

I was interviewed by the Daily. I fucking rule. Read up.

Here's how much the 12 days of Christmas would cost now. I read this every year, and it always amuses me.

Bam Margera has a hot girlfriend. They got naked and had sex. It was videotaped. Enjoy. Thanks G-Mask.

Read this at any point and see if you can make sense of it. I think the only way that can be accomplished is if you are stoned. Poor grammar plus science is a lethal combination.

Look at what amazon is selling! Target was earlier, but they took it down, those bastards. Probably smart though, I've known many a person who's been busted for doing this. But they did still keep this one. Apparently, amazon also sells hookers.

Someone should buy this for me for Christmas, because I think it's hilarious. I also think someone should get me this game, based solely on the females they use to sell it.

I love that even Ivy League schools pull pranks. This one is hilarious.

And finally, the best links, and they are both screensavers. Now, I haven't used a screensaver in probably over a year, but both of these are too good to pass up. At least have them on your computer. This first one I saw during the celebration of Danksgiving, and it's well worth looking at. It'll make your head expand, for better or worse, under the influence or not. Definitely check it. The screensaver looks the best, but the flash is cool too.

This screen saver is sweet because it harasses the everliving fuck out of spammers, and it makes it more expensive for them to send out that crap. I would love a movement with this screensaver to limit the amount of shit I get in my inbox every day. Check it out, get the international English version, hate the spammers.


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