Friday, January 14, 2005

Happy New Years

Well, another year has come and gone. And once again I have failed to keep to my resolution. I suppose that's part of the fun though. This year I resolve to update Goldy's Mom more often, despite our lack of readership these days. Shaun and I really will get the comments working again. I promise.

We had a little New Years Eve shindig here at the house. It went well. There was alchohol involved. And a stripper pole. And yes, even some hockey cheerleaders. But I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Shaun, seen here in his first of several outfits for the night, began the two fisting early in the evening.

Oh, I almost forgot. There were hockey cheerleaders and gymnasts.

Shaun and the stripper pole. Like peanut butter and jelly.

I like to watch.

I don't know who this is. But he obviously likes to lick poles. Get it? Poles? To quote Aqua Teen: "Oh Er, your sexual innuendo is priceless."

Danny being Danny. But who is the creepy guy in the background?

Slarks. Enough said.

Wubbs wants you! To join his army of stripping cheerleaders. Or maybe its cheerleading strippers. Either way, there's nudity involved.

For a drunken, twice layed, headband-wearing cowboy, Shaun is a pretty grumpy guy.

Brian polishes the stripping platform to achieve maximum dancibility.

No longer grumpy, Shaun is still a drunken, twice layed, headband-wearing cowboy.

Wubbs points out a hockey cheerleader. Who, as expected, is immediately drawn to the stripper pole.

She is also immediately drawn to Wubbs.

Zeke reminds everyone not to touch the strippers.

The dangerous combination of booze, cheerleaders, and a stripper pole have caused Wubbs to misplace his shirt. And his sweater. And his jacket. But not his tie.

Brian debates the fallacies of Socratic philosophy with a party guest. Or maybe he was just checking out her rack. I really have no idea.

Jumping the gun by a good five minutes. Wubbs and Shaun unload the champagne.

Wubbs, covered in sticky champagne. On the upside, he seems to have found his jacket.

Shaun says Happy New Years to Wubbs.

Someone threw beer at Shaun. They missed.

So, that's all I've got for that. I would like to say thanks to Wubbs' Dad, the man responsible for building the stripper pole and platform. I'll have something more for you in the near future. Seriously.


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