Sunday, February 20, 2005

RIP Hunter S. Thompson

There he goes. One of God's own prototypes. Some kind of high powered mutant never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

- Hunter S. Thompson

I know that not a lot of you are going to care, or even really know who Hunter S. Thompson was. If not, I feel rather sorry for you. The man was a genius, a product of pure and amazing rebellion from the Nixon years, who sailed all the way kicking and screaming to the Bush regime of today. He was a wordsmith beyond compare, a writer who exuded pure passion, and one of the main influences on my drug experimentation times. If you have only seen Fear and Loathing, at least read the book, and you should also check out Where The Buffalo Roam with Bill Murray. And if you haven't seen Fear and Loathing, for fuck's sake, check it out. It will truly be a sad world without his creativity and outlandishness to bring a new spin on the events of the day.

On a happier note, GorillaMask is back up and running. He had to take down his mirror, but he got to talk to the Secret Service, which was probably good fun. I talked to him, and he let it be known that he loves pushing the envelope like this, so I can only say kudos.

I know what you're thinking, two posts in one night?!!? Well, it's been a crazy weekend, don't get used to it assholes.

Party and All It's Glories... And a Few Tragedies

Well, another 608 party has come and gone. Things happened, some a ton of fun, some not so much. All in all, however, it was a good time. Especially for Wubbs, because he was completely oblivious to anything going on, other than the stripper pole, and him dancing with a variety of females (one who feels as if she knows me through reading this site... hi Leah).

What else happened? Fights broke out, I got to break some up, roommates yelled at each other. I got called Darryl Strawberry all night, got offered some coke, and not one, not two, but three roommates made out with girls throughout the night. Well, and probably Tim too, but he doesn't count. No, I don't mean three roommates made out with Tim, you perverts. Two kegs and a lot of strip and go naked were consumed. Someone threw up on the porch, and our whole house absolutely reaks of beer.

All in all, a pleasant time. We should be having another one, hopefully, before we head out to spring break. Sadly, no pictures of this party, because, quite frankly, I don't think anyone was sober enough.

On a side note, everyone hold out hopes that G-Mask (link doesn't work currently because his site was taken down) doesn't get sent to prison. Earlier today he posted a link to the info from Paris Hilton's laptop, including several hundred phone numbers of famous people. Sadly, this resulted in him currently being talked to by the Secret Service, or so his away message states. Lets just hope this one error doesn't take down one of the best websites on the net.

Until next time, kids.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Just a Quick Convo

Here's a conversation I head with, well, I'll leave him nameless for now.

Nameless Dude: so i started to type in and popped up instead

ShaShaun23: Nice.

Nameless dude: i gotta quit surfin porn

ShaShaun23: wow that was probably the single greatest thing i've ever seen in an aol instant messenger conversation.

Yeah, I know, not much of a post, but hey, fuck you, you write one for me, and I'll post it. Until then, keep checking every three days or so. Later.

Friday, February 11, 2005

A Few Changes

I updated the comment system, tweaked it so it's a pop up window, which is a little more to my liking. Let me know if anyone has any issues with pop up blockers killing the system. Actually, you won't be able to, since you won't be able to comment. So ha! Actually, you should be able to regardless, or just message me or something. New post coming later today, look out!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Picks Here

Yeah, I think we're actually supposed to care about the game this year, since there's a virtual gaurantee of no nudity, nipple rings, or even shitty humiliating singing from Ashlee Simpson at halftime. And all the commercials are supposed to suck too. Anyway, leave your predictions here about who you think is going to win. Any exact score winner will get something cool from me. Time for me to go start drinking, and cooking, two of my very favorite things. See you all on Minnesota time, hopefully.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Remember When We Updated? That Was Great...

So, yeah, our promise to update regularily has kind of been shot down a little bit. Sorry about that. Drunken Emily chewed me out for it already, so I don't need it from anyone else. I'll try to keep up a little more.

Not much has been going on here, though. That whole school thing sucks. I can't wait till I graduate so I can... do something even more horrible. On the plus side, I haven't been working. Poker has been paying the bills. Tons and tons of poker. So much that they put me in their VIP program. It kicks ass, they give me lots of free stuff, and special poker tournaments. I'll be playing a game with a limited number of players, under a hundred, to go to the World Series of Poker in a couple of weeks. If I make it... huge fucking party.

Our little website made it to 10,000 hits the other day. Holy shit. Thanks for caring about our lives and stuff. I don't know why you do. Wait, yeah I do, because we're crazy bad ass motha fuckas. And I say that humbly. But honestly, thanks for continuing to check us out, we'll try to stay busy, you know, being awesome.

Tom came up to visit the past few days. Good times were had. We had one crazy drunk night, I still have wicked bruises from it. We watched the TWolves suck ass. Tom bought this fucking awesome picture.

Yes, I'm jealous as hell, I desperately want one. Why don't you assholes buy me stuff? Seriously.

Anyway, this post is costing me money, because I'm trying to do too many things at once. I will leave you with...

Links of the Day

I totally fear what this thing would show me.

I found this story both amusing and sad at once.

Adam found this story, even before G-Mask I think. I salute him, because it's brilliant.

Fifty ways to know you're an asshole.

Of course, if you're like me, you just know. Later all.