Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Edited Danny's Post

i know everyone expects an elaborate and well thought out post for every time i write now but i say fuck that and fuck all of you. (EDIT: Hello all, this post will be quite short, and I aplogize profusely.) if any of of you think that i have any idea as to what i'm talking about at any point in my rambling bullshit than i hope to god that you will check out href="http://www.steeltrainrock.com"> , , a band that i have been waiting for their first full length album for like two years and they did not dissapoint. (EDIT: If you think you can trust my judgement in music, please check out the band Steel Train Rock, for they thoroughly kick ass.) Granted, i can't classify their music in any regard, but if i could it would be some sort of modern folk rock with a hint of jazz and mandolin and xylophone that i hope will make your heads explode. (EDIT: Nah, this part's OK.) Peace out and i hope you all get your gay ass beauty sleep. (EDIT: Thank you faithful readers, and have a pleasant night.)

P.S. I'm drunk and not sure if i knw enlisgsh probpredly so i mgiht have to edit and make thist post betterererer tomorrow but either way i'm worthless (EDIT: Shaun will go through this, because he's awesome, and make it far more humorous. Also, I will never make drunk posts on Goldy's Mom again, because it annoys Shaun. That is all.)


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More drunk posts!!

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